7 NES Games We Would Add To The Nintendo Classic

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If you like games, chances are that you or someone around you picked up a Nintendo Classic this holiday season. It’s a miniature version of the original Nintendo console preloaded with 30 games and no-hassle video hookups. For some its a tough sell because ROMs and emulators have been easily available for two decades. On one hand its low price tag and classic controllers make it a viable sell, but on the other, it’s really just a glorified 30-in-1 cartridge. Don’t get me wrong this would have been the greatest and most sought after multi game cartridge ever made, if it had existed during the consoles long life time, but it’s still just 30 games. Now, yes, these are 30 incredible games and many show up  on “greatest games of all time” lists but is it enough? I think the biggest drawback to the “system” is that it lacks the customization and fluidity we have become accustom to in our consoles. If it could play NES cartridges (therefore forgoing its miniature size) or if other games could be loaded on and added to the already great list then the lifetime of the Nintendo Classic would probably be greatly extended. Instead, unless the hackers find a way,  it seems like this system will probably just become a curiosity and relic of the 2016 holiday season.

Not all is lost though. All this pessimism got me thinking because the Nintendo Classic’s lineup will never change what games would I have bundled with it to keep it company for all eternity? So I took this as an excuse to revel in some of the unsung and loved NES games of my childhood.

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Screenshot Saturday – Dec 24, 2016

M5 Games

It’s saturday and your friends at M5 Games have decided to give you a gift that will keep on giving. We will be posting new screenshots from StretchBot every saturday until its released! Here we go!

StretchBot screenshot

Screenshot Saturday – Dec 17, 2016

M5 Games

We hope that you did not forget about us while we hid ourselves away in our game making cave this fall but we are back and ready to reveal more of our new platformer StretchBot.

Enjoy these two new screenshots taken from the train and mine zones in the game. We are really excited about how this project is coming along and are here to say the radio silence is broken and to expect a lot more activity here in the coming days and weeks.

StretchBot screenshot

Stretchbot screenshot

Hello world! Hello!

M5 Games

Fate has smiled upon us both and we are both now hovering around this little piece of cyberspace. Sharing in it’s glow. Hello and welcome to the new M5 Games development and news blog. This is the place where, you will not only find out about our new game stretchBot, but news about the studio and pieces about the things we find interesting. We don’t expect to be very formal in this space and aim to supply a large mix of content.  It could be a reflective article about the reality of being a small team spred out over a long distance, or a  mind-easing youtube video filled top 10 list of the strangest SNES creatures of all time, or even pictures of our various pets posed next to studio related things. It can all be found here and it’s going to be a blast!

We are excited to be able to get the word out and start showing off stretchBot in all of it’s 16 bit nostalia glory but we are also excited to communicate the character and feel of our studio. To let gamers, developers and the curious into our microcosm, for a closer view, as we tackle the engineering and creative problems that come with this work. For me personally I find it good  to vent about a particular hard physics or behaviorial programming problem and maybe someone out there will find it intersting or, better yet, maybe it will help someone in their own games. It’s also good to have a place to pump out the latest screenshots and videos of new enemies, crazy levels or anything else we just finished making and are completely jazzed about. This over all will be a place that will demonstate what it is that makes us tick and how that is inspiring us to make the games we choose to make.

So thanks for stopping by this time weary web wanderer and be sure to come back because things about to get pretty interesting around here.


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